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Dear Writer,

Thank you for offering one of my ships! I'll probably like whatever you write. Please feel free to pick out certain elements of my prompts that you may like, or none. Follow your heart - if you have another pre-existing idea wanting to be written, go for it! I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Some general things about me:
  • My tastes usually skew more towards angst than pure fluff.
  • I prefer in-character stuff and/or characters that are well-developed, and fic set in the canon universe.
  • Other things I like: snarky banter and happy endings. 
  • Smut is not a necessity, although that's fine too! I prefer smut which is part of character development, rather than just for the sake of it :D
  • AUs I like thinking about in various forms are spy AUs, Inception (film), Pacific Rim (film)

Things that I do not want are: pregnancy, infidelity, first-/second-person POV, PWP, proposal/marriage, and genderswap.

If it helps at all, you can look through the relevant tags on my tumblr (Detective Conan is under 'dcmk', also please use dashes instead of spaces), but I'm not sure how illuminating it'll be. Honestly though - I'll probably be really thrilled with whatever you have!

I hope NPT 2017 is a wonderful and stress-free experience for you!

My favourite character is Laurent.

Some prompts: 
  • Laurent and Damen navigating kingship post-KR (how they rule? how they set about uniting the two kingdoms? how they appease their subjects?);
  • morallygrey!Auguste (I like to imagine him hellbent on protecting Laurent no matter the cost, but of course I'd be absolutely interested to see your own interpretation, if he places Here over family inc. Laurent &c);
  • some interaction/resolution between Laurent and Jokaste maybe?
  • If we're talking about canon divergence, perhaps consider a scenario where Laurent is sent to Akielos as a political hostage during Marlas, but somehow ends up under Damen's wing. Laurent resents his father and helps Akielos/Damen plot against Vere. 

Lelouch/Suzaku; Nunnally & Lelouch & Suzaku
I love Lelouch, a lot, especially his plotting and his desperate attempts to protect his loved ones. Basically I just adore how they're all so protective over each other.

Possible prompts:
  • Lelouch survived the Zero Requiem; no one knows (except for C.C.?). He is tortured, depressed and conflicted about living despite everything he's done. He tries to deal with this by trying to make things right for those that he wronged, and then disappearing. Suzaku hears about this mysterious person. (This sounds a lot fluffier than I initially intended; you are of course free to have your own interpretation!)
  • that's really all I had. Honestly, if you are at all interested in Code Geass, then I'd love to read whatever you feel like writing.

Shinichi Kudo/Kaito Kuroba (or any variation of their other identities)
I love reading about how they relate to each other - their similarities, their differences. How did they become more than rivals on a rooftop? How do their separate identities intersect with each other; (how) do they find out each other's hidden identities? I like snarky banter, I like heroic rescues, I like casefic, I like them working together as a team. Of course, I don't expect all of this in one fic!

I suppose my favourite characters are Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano and Masumi Sera, but I'm absolutely not fussed if they don't feature. I'm also not too fussed with following canon events (lord knows I'm hundreds of chapters behind). 

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky; Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky
I adore Yuri Plisetsky so, so much. He is probably the prime source of my investment in this show. (I was a figure skating fan before YOI, but while this drew my attention to YOI, unfortunately I wasn't very impressed with YOI's portrayal of the sport.) I love Yuri because he is full of contradictions. Rigidly disciplined in training when he is determined, but bratty in nature. Angry and angsty teen, but mature beyond his years due to his skating and family issues. Young in age, but can only relate to those older and more experienced than his own peers. Detests emotion, but uses it for his performances and also when flying alone to a foreign country.

As for Otabek, I'd love to see your interpretation of him from his minimal screen time.

Victor: I think I love the worst parts of him. His fickleness, his sheer arrogance, his need for control. He's a very tortured person and he hides all of his darkness under his outgoing, bubbly facade. He is the 'legend' of the skating world, but what did he sacrifice to get there? Or what happened in the years before his multiple wins in a row?

I'm interested in the dynamic between Yuri and Victor: how they relate to each other, their togetherness in loneliness and the skill which separates them from others, the 'price' to pay for prodigious talent. They are, I think, the only ones who can potentially understand each other in the show - at least in these aspects. I'm interested in the unhealthiness, the coping mechanisms. Flashbacks, present time and future fic are all fine!

I love St. Petersburg. I don't mind about the spelling of Victor's name. I'm very interested in the (seemingly contradictory) abject brutality of the sport, but I would prefer not to read about career-ending injuries, at least not for Yuri or Otabek.
Some prompts I can think of:
  • Yuri taking Otabek onto the rooftops in St. Petersburg
  • overtraining due to stress; dealing with the pressure of expectations, past success, and/or fans
  • Yuri cutting his hair to get away from Victor's androgynous image as a teenager
  • Victor as Yuri's coach, with elements of Pygmalion
  • Welcome to the Madness: please elaborate, I would love to read it. I, for one, thought it was wonderfully in-character and expected for him. Still was bowled over by its sheer fabulosity. I might be dying of second-hand embarrassment like I do for my real skating faves... but I love it so much. It's fucking hilarious and everything I needed.
  • Yuri, caught between two parts of himself (in Moscow and in Piter)
  • Possible AUs: soldier (literal 'eyes of a soldier'), dark fairytale

Of course, these prompts are arbitrary; please write what you like!



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